Just a few reasons why ‘excellent’ product photography is vital in e-commerce

Browsing online with hundreds of tabs open as well as fifty shopping baskets is common practice for most of us these days. Online shopping in many ways is a lot more convenient than heading in to town or shopping centres for whatever it is you may need. Where the problem lies with online shopping is our inability to reach into our computer screens and try on that Christmas woolly jumper or test out the latest smoothie maker.

Light Up North , product photography by WAM

Light Up North, product photography by WAM


E-commerce relies on product photography and written descriptions in order to persuade customers that a product is worth purchasing without seeing it in person first. The reason ‘excellent’ product photography is vital is simply because humans tend not to be brilliant at describing things (No offence).

LillianDaph , Product Photography by WAM

LillianDaph, Product Photography by WAM


‘Excellent’ product photography shows off the quality of your products. Being able to tell the quality of a product through a photo can be the reason your product stands out from other similar products on the market.

A website displaying ‘excellent’ product photography builds customer trust and all round stronger customer relations, as customers can gage the value of the product better and are more likely to judge that it is worth its list price.

In conclusion if you don’t consider sales, customer relations or market competitiveness important don’t worry about all this. But if you do… Take a look at our client; LillianDaph as a superb example.

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