WAM launch

Saltburn Golf Club is a family friendly golf club, boasting spectacular views and a beautifully maintained 18 hole golf course located in the seaside town of Saltburn in North Yorkshire. The Club approached MODEST looking for to full website revamp in the hope of attracting more visitors and new members.

Website Design by WAM

Website Design by WAM

Saltburn Golf Clubs vision for the site was to simply show off the clubs outstanding course and facilities. Therefore at MODEST we decided to make the website very visual and allow the imagery of the course and clubhouse to speak for itself.
Using a simple and visual navigation has made it easy for all website visitors to navigate around the site.



MODEST photographed both the clubhouse facilities and the golf course to create website and marketing content for the golf club. The professional shots showcase the course in the light it deserves, likely to make anyone visiting the site eager to visit and play.

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