Social Media Marketing Stockton

Social Media Marketing strategy development and services in Stockton, North East.

Social Media Marketing Stockton


Social media is now very much considered a ‘must’ when it comes to advertising your business. As a North East based Business, We Are MODEST take great pride in the Middlesbrough and Stockton area. We aim to help our clients get the very most out of the social media tools available.

We Are MODEST are able to utilise social media platforms to create effective advertising campaigns that can reach a specific and relevant audience for your business.

Facebook Marketing Stockton

Facebook provides demographics which allows us to drill-down to your ideal target audience. We Are MODEST will create Facebook campaigns to meet your specific targets and goals, may they be increase traffic, brand awareness, conversation or what ever you require.

Instagram Marketing Stockton

Instagram, much like Facebook has the ability to reach an extremely large audience. With over a billion users Instagram provides unlimited marketing potential. We Are MODEST are able to create eye catching campaigns that will create awareness and increase traffic to your website.

LinkedIn Marketing Stockton

LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms as it focuses on B2B Business. Nevertheless the principle is the same, LinkedIn Ad’s are hugely effective in reaching the specific professionals you are targeting.

We Are MODEST are able to create social media campaigns with attractive visual content as well monitor and analyse the success of all social media marketing campaigns and work closely with you to to get the very best out of your campaigns.